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Donald J. Feinberg, J.D., LL.M.
Four phrases best describe my life: Second chance; Family; Opportunity; and Pursuit.

After graduating from LaSalle University where I received a BA in Mathematics, I worked for eight years in the actuarial field assisting in the management of defined benefit pension plans. In 1991, I returned to school, Temple University School of Law. I quickly discovered that my true passion was trial advocacy and the law. Temple University School of Law recognized my passion, desire and hard work by awarding me Dean's List Honors every semester of every year as well as numerous outstanding class participation citations. I graduated cum laude in 1994, missing magna cum laude due to GPA rounding versus truncation issues. I would not have been able to succeed in law school without the support of my family who gave me the room, time, and motivation and encouragement to study. I also owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my father, more on him later, who helped me understand the law and legal argument methodology during my training. Finally, in 2003, I returned to Temple University School of Law and received my Masters of Law degree in trial advocacy.

EVERYONE deserves a second chance. Sometimes good and honorable people make stupid mistakes. There are at least two ways to deal with stupid mistakes: Recognize your mistake and learn and grow from it or keep making the same mistake. With the support of my family, mother and father, I was able to learn from my mistake and to blossom there from. It was at this point in my life where I learned to love and recognized that people as a whole where good hearted and helpful. It is where I learned to help people. A lesson my father had been preaching his entire life. In dedication to my father, recently deceased in, February 2013, I made the decision to open my own law firm named in his distinguished honor "The Feinberg Firm". It is in my father's honor that I decided to charge clients reasonable attorney fees. It is also in his honor that I decided to handle first offense criminal cases, at a reasonable fee. If someone would not have given me a chance to succeed, I would not be doing what I love doing today. I am committed to attempting to give this same chance to deserving people.

In the background of every person is his family and friends. We are what we are because of family and friends. I am the younger of two children. My mother was stricken with multiple sclerosis when I was a young teenager. She spent most of my adult life in a nursing home. Seeing her in the nursing home was excessively difficult for me. However, my mother's circumstance made me empathetic towards individuals inflicted with unnecessary suffering. It has fueled my desire to help those who cannot help themselves. It is one of the two backbones propelling me in this newest venture. The second backbone is my father. I was raised by one of the pre-eminent personal injury litigators in Philadelphia. My resolve and dedication to helping others stems directly out of my relationship with my father. It took me a long time to realize that personal injury law is not about making money to live a rich lifestyle, but rather, helping others so that they can merely live comfortably. Again this is one reason for my REASONABLE fees. It is not about me, IT IS ABOUT YOU. My family has taught me about loyalty and dedication. I am blessed with two honest and intelligent children showing me that all people need is an opportunity. It is my cause to afford every client that I come in contact with this same opportunity.

After law school, I was fortunate to join my father in his law firm from 1994 through 2013. I started my career in a courtroom. I learned I passed the bar exam while assisting my father with a trial in Allegheny County. Working for my father allowed me to start trying cases immediately. Since that day, I have tried cases in many counties from Blair County east to Philadelphia County and north to Luzerne County. I have represented clients in over 20 different counties throughout the Commonwealth. I have met many wonderful, wonderful people and have enjoyed being able to assist them. Many are still friends today.

You would think that the pursuit of justice should be easy. People make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes injure others. Sometimes those injuries are small and sometimes those injuries are life altering. In either case, justice MANDATES that those injured should receive adequate compensation for their harms and losses. While all may agree with that point, the civil justice system has many pitfalls to justice: From greedy attorneys to greedy insurance companies. I am committed and dedicated to fixing what is wrong with the system. I believe in reasonable attorney fees, reasonable settlements and loyal and dedicated representation. I will pursue your claim, not a paralegal or other legal assistant. I will respond to all of your inquiries whether by e-mail or telephone. When you hire me, YOU HIRE ME not non-attorney support staff. Once you hire me I will pursue JUSTICE and not quit until JUSTICE is obtained. I have lived my whole life on a goal-obtainment basis. I set a goal and I achieve my goal.


"Thank you again and again. Thank you so much for your good efforts on my behalf. I appreciate all you did for me. God bless you. P.S. I am glad to know you." M.G.

"My wellbeing was always a concern. Donald is a wonderful attorney! Always honest and very informative. I don't think of him as my attorney, he is my friend!" Jennifer R.

"You have been very helpful to us in every way. We wish you all success in representing people who come to you. Please keep up the high standards your firm is known for. We are happy that your firm took our case and fought successfully and got is a good settlement." SSB

"My attorney did an awesome job. Please with his work, Thank you." CD

"My attorney has a very outgoing personality, which I think is important because it keeps people actually interested. I've had a couple boring lawyers who will never get my business again. If I ever need it, The Feinberg Firm will definitely have my business again and I would recommend this firm to anyone. Keep up the good work." K.B.

"My attorney was terrific. He responded to every telephone call in a very timely fashion. He got me more money than I thought I would get. His lower fees were excellent and got me thousands more. He was very professional. I strongly recommend this attorney to anyone looking for a lawyer." PC 1-15-15

"My attorney answers the phone and if not available will call back promptly. My attorney explained things to me in a very detailed manner. My attorney is the best." K.B.

"To the harworking Feinberg Co.: Who displays dignity and resp[ect to its clients with an attitude that displays real professionalism." JH

"Thank you so much for your hard work. Please know that we will be passing along referrals as they come to us. Great quality and unmatchable service. We are like family now. Much love and blessings." A.N. & family

"I cannot say enough about my experience with Attorney Feinberg and his staff. Brenda is outstanding. The entire process was smooth, and pleasant. I was always informed of the details. Settlement was faster than I expected and also exceeded my expectations of the amount I was to be awarded. Outstanding Lawyer! The Best! And I dealt with many many lawyers." D.G

"Thanks Donald for representing me with my case. I will be glad to use you again if needed! Great job." LC

"I like your down to earth approach. I would recommend your firm!" LGP

"My attorney was on top of all my problems and called back promptly. He handled my case in a timely manner. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good lawyer." JG 3/11/15

"If at anytime, I'll need representation, I will always use The Feinberg Firm. Donald Feinberg has always made me and my family feel comfortable and encouraging. I will always be grateful for the support of him and his staff. Thanks!!" GC 2015


"Where do I start, thank you does not seem like enough. This entire trial week you were my 'Knight in Shining Armor'.  I was so proud to have you representing us. You and Brenda compliment each other. She is a definite asset. We may not have won financially but we won ethically and morally...Feels like we made a good friend. Thanks for putting the twinkle back in my eyes." S.O. & J.O.